The Last Outrageous Woman

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The Last Outrageous Woman puts a new light on old age.  Stone’s debut novel is engaging, heartwarming, and outrageously funny.  A great read — uplifting!

Pricilla Long, author of Fire and Stone

An antic novel of love and death. Five spunky companions will leave you charmed with their wistful stories, their embrace of friendship and adventure.  Required reading for travelers, armchair or otherwise.

Laura Kalpakian, author of American Cookery

A delightful, poignant, later-in-life coming of age story.  This handful of outrageous women reveal themselves to each other and to us as they thumb their noses to convention and finally do things their way.  A wonderful story!

Elizabeth Engstrom, author of Benediction Denied

At a time when the generation gap is wider than it’s ever been, it’s refreshing to see this group of women working to fulfill their dreams by relying on a young neo-feminist.  Stone’s eye for detail across that gap is nothing if not amazing.

Jack Remick, author of The Trio of Lost Souls

How to Retire on a Boat

Well-written, obviously from the first-hand experience of a blue water sailor with many miles under her keel. If you share this dream, as my nephew Mark and his wife did (they are in New Zealand now, on their around-the-world duo trip)–this book will give you a kick start out of your armchair and on the way…sail through that open door! Thanks, Ms. Stone, well done.
                                                                                                                                                                            C. Owens

How to Retire on a Boat is a well thought out, well organized and well-referenced book on how to “pull the plug”. As a 25 year live-a-board, I found the information “spot on”. For anyone considering making the jump, it’s a must read so you can make the transition with little stress and anxiety. Living aboard is a truly unique and rewarding experience for those that chose the lifestyle in retirement. Ms. Stone has done a wonderful job of portraying the ups and downs, the right boat and where to live. See you out there!

Captain Denny Thompson

Very informative book! Loved Ms. Stone’s writing style and the fact that she brings in other cruisers views/experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the book and learned a great deal. Can’t wait to purchase a trawler and cruise!

Sharon McGraw Bowne

Doggy on Deck: Life at Sea with a Salty Dog

The second subtitle of this great book by Jessica Stone says it all: “Absolutely Everything You Need to Know Before Cruising with Fido.” I can’t rave enough about Doggy on Deck — it’s well-written, it’s thorough, it provides resources for all the products discussed in the text. I’m racking my brains for something to criticize (you know, to show that I have a balanced perspective), but there’s just nothing wrong with this book.

Mary-Alice Pomputius:  Editor, Dog Jaunt

As I read this book with my dog curled up at my side, I laughed, wept and laughed again…

… Whether you have a dog or a boat or even if you don’t – this book will entertain you with the doggy antics lovingly recalled by the author who, like many of us, has embraced a four-legged creature as a full-fledged member of the family.

Dorothy Dubia, Columnist: The Book Locker / Boat Journal

Entertaining and Encyclopedia!

Nor’Westing:  The Family Boating Magazine

As complete a guide as you will ever find – it answers every question you can think of and puts your fears to rest.  And besides all that, it’s good, interesting reading for any dog lover!

Sue Morgan – Editor, Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine

This is an absolute must-read book for dog lovers and boaters – it’s the best we’ve ever seen.  Sure wish we’d had this book when we were boating with our dogs (and with our teenagers!).

Jo Bailey & Carl Nyberg, Gunk-holing in the San Juan Islands

This book is an excellent source of practical suggestions for anyone traveling with a dog on land or sea.   Jessica’s extensive cruising with her dog shows how traveling with a pet gives an owner additional responsibilities that are amply rewarded with companionship and devotion.

Margo Wood, Charlie’s Charts – World Cruising Guides