Published Works

awardThe Last Outrageous Woman


With help from a pierced, tattooed and dreadlocked granddaughter, five senior women escape retirement home boredom and travel the world seeking to fulfill the one, secret desire each has always held. They journey from Florida to the Emerald Isle, and from Tasmania to the markets of Egypt. When their story goes viral, surfers, hitchhikers, priests and a Crocodile Dundee impersonator pitch in to help the “outrageous grannies.” Even Doctor Phil gets into the act. The ladies must outsmart relatives who seek to return them to senior living, and con men who see them as easy targets. Ultimately, each traveler must face her own frailties,
mortality, and the most important decision of her life.

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Penchant Press International
Word Count: 70K
Release Date: September 2017
Hardcover: $25.95
Paperback: $15.95
ebook: $6.99

Doggy on Deck: Life at Sea With a Salty Dog

Whether you're taking your trawler out for the weekend or planning a circumnavigation in your sloop Doggy on Deck will teach you Absolutely Everything You Need to Know Before Cruising with Fido.
This extensively-researched book contains clear information along with humorous heart-warming stories about traveling with dogs.  Each chapter provides valuable resources and current websites to answer all your questions about boating with your four-legged buddies.  Questions like:

How does he go potty on-board?                      Do dogs get seasick?

How do we get him on/off the boat?               Will our dog get enough exercise on-board?
What happens during rescues at sea?              What if our dog gets ill or injured?
How much does it cost?
                            Is it worth it?

Genre: Non-fiction
Word Count 54,000
Pages 210
First Edition: 2007 Penchant Press International
Second Edition: 2009 Fine Edge Nautical Publications

How to Retire on a Boat

When it’s time to slow down and take life easy,

don’t rock the chair – rock the boat!


Life happens. Age happens. And, when you least expect it, change happens.

The entire world experiences an economic downturn, a recession, a financial crisis. Millions of people all over the planet lose beautiful homes – property goes back to the bank. The bank fails. Your wonderful loving spouse, the one you thought was true love for life and maybe beyond, runs away with her/his yoga instructor. She/he gets the house and you get – well maybe you’re not sure yet.
Your company “downsizes” and you are out looking for a new company – one that is “upsizing.”
The children have gone off to college and the two of you are just rattling around in that big empty house. Time to get a cozy little nest together.

You’ve always dreamed of retiring to some warm, mellow, tropical island but hey, who has that kind of money?

Or maybe, just maybe, you are a wee bit bored with your current situation and you want to TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT.


If retirement beckons, or if you need or simply

want to make a change in your life,

consider moving to a boat.

Much like Stone’s earlier work, Doggy on Deck – Life at Sea with a Salty Dog, this book, How to Retire on a Boat, offers an encyclopedic education on what you need to know about living a happy and rewarding retirement aboard the vessel of your choice. Stories from present day live aboards and up-to-date resources help to answer any questions you might have about this unique and delightful lifestyle.

Among the many topics covered are:

Who can live on a boat? Age, Health, Skills and Attitude

Where is paradise? Language, Governments, Infrastructure

What kind of boat? Factors in selecting your new home

Marinas or On-the-Hook? Costs and comfort

What to do with all your “stuff.”

Home maintenance



Genre: Non-fiction
Word Count 56,000
Pages 220
First Edition: 2015 Fine Edge Nautical Publications
Second Edition: 2017 Penchant Press International (Release – October 2017)