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Fear and Courage

Last Sunday, January 22, 2017, I woke feeling less anxious and much stronger than I have in over two months. It was the morning following the Worldwide Women’s March. A close friend and I had decided to leave America for

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The Muse Wakes And the Ladies Share Their Stories — How This Blog & Novel Began

If you are an artist – a writer, poet, musician, a dancer, you know there are moments when the Muse wakes, startled from a deep sleep and shakes you from your own foggy slumber. The novel, The Last Outrageous Woman,

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Welcome to An Outrageous Woman

An Outrageous Woman This blog highlights strong, determined, funny and courageous women.  All of them are remarkable.  All of them have lived at least 60 years – many, over 100.  Unless they frighten (or intimidate), these outrageous senior women will

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